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Hannu Lintu

I have had the pleasure of working with Laura Heikinheimo since the autumn of 2012, when I started my close collaboration with the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra.
Thanks to Laura and her all-round producing skills, we are making commercial recordings and radio broadcasts at the highest international level. The reviews and numerous awards prove this.

Laura is a producer with a most sensitive ear, and I can trust her judgement without exception. She is always in full control of the musical situation and is able to get the best out of the ensemble, soloists and technicians.

Laura knows what she wants and is able to communicate her ideas perfectly.

Hannu Lintu
Chief Conductor of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra

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Leila Josefowicz

I just loved working with Laura on Esa-Pekka Salonen's Violin Concerto. She immediately put me at ease, and her great ear and experience made me very confident of a great outcome.

She also was very helpful and responsive to all of my questions and comments and seemed glad to get them, even better!

Thank you for your calm expertise, Laura!

Leila Josefowicz

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Magnus Linberg

Over the years, I have had the privilege to observe and enjoy with pleasure, Laura Heikinheimo's craftsmanship while recording orchestral music. Joy and commitment are the trademarks of her work.

First of all, Laura always knows her scores brilliantly. She is very determined, and compromise is never an option for her - however, the tone of each conversation always remains constructive and positive.
Laura has exceptionally sharp ears; she notices every flaw in intonation and other musical aspects and is able to give clear and precise directions to the performers.

In addition, Laura has the conductor-like ability to bring the orchestral sound into perfect balance, and at the same time she keeps all the elements of the project under control. Under Laura's production leadership, the atmosphere in the studio always remains pleasant, inspiring and encouraging. The co-operation is smooth and always focused.

I hope to get many more opportunities to work with Laura, knowing that the result will always be of highest possible quality.

Magnus Lindberg

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Tuija Hakkila

In the 1990’s Laura Heikinheimo, a student majoring in music education, was enrolled in my piano class at the Sibelius Academy. I saw her as a bright, sensitive and curious student with excellent ears. When looking for a producer for my Mozart recordings, I talked Laura into trying out record producing almost straight after a piano lesson. During those assignments Laura found her field of passion.

Our work together has continued ever since, and there have been many fine projects. In the meantime the record business around has changed, but the core work still remains the same: when recording, the producer creates the atmosphere in the studio, the musician is at his most vulnerable for both disturbances as well as support, and thus reaches accordingly his very best, or only a performance of forced quality.
"Try it, you can put even more magic in it, if you want to!”

The qualities I appreciate in a producer are the sensitivity to the sound picture, sense of music, the ability to feel the phrasing and breathing, and the psychological eye for releasing uncomfortable tension. “This is the one!” It requires taste and talent to be able to choose the best takes of the recording session and to compile of them an artistically solid entity. In this process Laura has displayed her potential every single time. “Time for a break!” Wonderful Laura!

Tuija Hakkila
Professor of Piano Music, Sibelius Academy

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John Storgårds

Laura Heikinheimo belongs to the best and most important classical music producers in our country.
The future success of the Finnish artistic music genre, with its renown and extremely high profile, relies very much on the top professionals in our record industry.

In this very the demanding field, producers like Laura are few and far between and they deserve all the encouragement and support for their work.

Laura Heikinheimo’s expertise has become quite evident to me during our many recording projects!

John Storgårds
Chief Conductor, violin artist
Chief Conductor of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra
Artistic Director of the Chamber Orchestra of Lapland

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Kaija Saariaho

The cornerstone, beneath the multiple recordings of my music, is the solid expertise of Ms. Laura Heikinheimo. Throughout the years I have especially grown to appreciate Laura's versatile skills: she is swift and focused.

She creates an atmosphere in which I am allowed to concentrate on the interpretation or other details of my music, assured that the entirety of the project is in her hands.

Thank you, Laura, for all the co-operation. I hope to work with you again very soon!

Kaija Saariaho

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Leif Segerstam

It is with great pleasure I can recommend the services of Laura Heikinheimo as music producer for projects of any level of difficulty or complexity.

Her professionalism, sensitivity combined with accuracy and constructive comments, psychologically always fitting, belongs to a high class quality which was a great help stimulatively and inspiringly when we last collaborated with the Tampere Philharmonic with its chorus and soloists in the historical documentation of Toivo Kuula’s music.

Her command of realities in situation-difficulties was important and great support. I am looking forward to benefiting from it soon again, anytime in the future.

Leif Segerstam
Chief conductor

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Tommi Hakala

I have worked with Laura on several recordings and broadcasts since 2003. This has been with different companies and orchestras, also with different music styles, from Lied-duo to the largest symphonies and operas.

I have always enjoyed her highly qualified professional precision, her guidance and understanding of the work, and her direct and crystal clear, but always respectful, way of communication during the recording sessions.

I choose Laura to produce whenever possible!

Tommi Hakala
Opera Singer

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Marko Ylönen

It was a pleasure to be able to work with producer Laura Heikinheimo
again when recording the Cello Sonatas of Chopin and Rachmaninov with Arto Satukangas.

Laura has the gift of knowing how to create a positive and suitably demanding atmosphere for a recording session. She is absolutely uncompromising
and precise when it comes to technical and musical quality.

The way in which Laura communicates with the artist is very natural and inspiring. By asking the correct questions at the right time she instills trust in the artists and helps them stretch to reach their best possible performance, without wasting any time.

Many thanks, Laura!

Marko Ylönen
Cello Artist
Professor of Chamber Music, Sibelius Academy

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Jorma Hynninen

Laura Heikinheimo has been the record producer and critical ear on four of our recording co-productions (Arvo Pärt’s Johannes Passion, Songs by Armas Järnefelt, The “Virsi elää”-project and a recording of Sibelius for YL Male Voice Choir).

Our co-operation has been exceptionally pleasant. The recording situation can be rather a sensitive event and in the more difficult pieces, unsettling for the artist. Much may arise that needs improving and fixing. This is why the person supervising the recording, the producer, needs to possess the psychological ability to present requests for improvement tactfully and yet in the correct demanding fashion.

After all the producer is responsible for the over all quality of the recording. Laura Heikinheimo seems to possess the ability to assess what she hears with absolute precision and then give her comments in a confidence arousing manner. The demand for precision, in the case of singers, has first of all to do with the clear pronunciation of the text, tonal purity and even natural command of musical phraseology.

Laura Heikinheimo herself has a solid educational background and she was brought up in a family of music. Somehow even her deep melodious voice emits a positive atmosphere of trust.
Her producer personality could be described with the words: “positively precise, absolutely professional”.

Jorma Hynninen
Singer, professor

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Matti Hyökki

A musical recording is a close co-operation between the performer and producer: a professional producer is at her best the right hand of the artistic director. Laura Heikinheimo masters the technical, artistic and social challenges contained in the work a producer.
I’ve had the joy to work with Laura Heikinheimo in the preparation for recordings of, among others, the total male choir works of Selim Palmgren and Jean Sibelius.

Maintaining the motivation and positive atmosphere of dozens of singers is one of the hardest tasks during the long and arduous studio work. Laura Heikinheimo possesses the persistence and determination essential for producing a high quality musical recording.

As an adamant and wise professional, Laura helps each group of performers to reach their best by supporting the artistic director with her accurate and validated observations.

Being a methodical and ambitious musician, Laura's work in editing fulfills the expectations of even the most demanding listener and deserves the highest accord.

I am pleased to recommend producer Laura Heikinheimo as an open and accommodating partner to both professionals and music lovers alike.

Matti Hyökki
PhD in Music, Sibelius Academy
Artistic Director
YL Male Voice Choir, Laulu-Miehet

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Matti Raekallio

I find working with Laura Heikinheimo exceptionally pleasant. For an artist about to record, she is a dream producer. She is able to instill a relaxed, natural and calm atmosphere into the recording situation, whilst still maintaining a quality level of one hundred per cent.

One can totally trust her evaluations, which helps keeping effortlessly and safely within the planned schedule.

I’m happy to warmly recommend Laura Heikinheimo to any colleague aiming for top quality results.

Matti Raekallio
Professor, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover
Professor, Juilliard School, New York

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Juha Uusitalo

Laura Heikinheimo is unquestionably the best record producer I know!

She has the phenomenal propensity to detect the capacity and stretch the abilities of a singer in long recording sessions.

On top of this she knows how to encourage the singer to try for the best performance. As an ex orchestral musician I’ve also marked her ability to mention mistakes and matters relating to quality to musicians without hurting anyone's feelings.

Likewise she has great talent for communicating with even the chief conductors.
I am grateful to Laura for all our recordings. With her help I’ve been able to reach my best.

Juha Uusitalo
Opera Singer

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Jouko Harjanne

Laura Heikinheimo has produced my records for many years. She has become the most trusted collaborator on numerous solo recordings, because working with her is always extremely fruitful.

In addition to her precise tonal ear and excellent ability to read music, Laura possesses an exceptionally fine understanding of musical phraseology and tonal scenery.

She has the ability to take into consideration the special physical and technical requirements of my instrument. All this has resulted in the noticeable improvement of the artistic result of my recordings.

I therefore warmly recommend Laura Heikinheimo for all tasks involving record producing.

Jouko Harjanne
International solo trumpetist
Solo trumpet for the Finnish RSO

Tmi Laura Heikinheimo
+358 40 8302995

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